The project that Antalya is designed for Muratpaşa Municipality Opera and Theater stage project is shaped with the idea that ‘not only an architectural fiction that responds to programmatic functions, it should be also a living organism with the city of Antalya.

There are residential buildings in the immediate vicinity of the land of the Project area. To the south of the building is a green area that is used as a children’s playground. The pedestrian flow from the park has been shaping in the architectural approach which is shaped by the idea of ‘adding urbanism and city play’. In this context, the orientation to the park was supported by an outdoor amphitheater called the city scene. The pedestrian route passing through the center of the park was preserved and this road was reached by a ramp to the social activity part of the building. This urban scene / urban amphitheater, whose face turned to the park, was conceived as a public space open to the use of the city. In front of the amphitheater, it was designed as a backstage to encourage children to the fine arts, and it was envisaged that children would be able to perform workshops on the stage behind the shows. This built-in area for children is described as a volume with detachable structures and this structure works as a solar shaker. The main entrance was taken from the western side of the building, under a fringe, at the ground level. At the top level of the building, there is a multipurpose hall with a foyer. To the east of the building, there is a circulation core consisting of fire departments installation sections and wet spaces in the center. The sun breakers installed on the west facade of the building allow the evening light to be controlled. The parking lot, which is open for the guests coming to the show center and for the use of citizens, is located under the ground.


Muratpaşa / Antalya




Project Competition- Phase 1




Architectural Project


6.850 m2


Antalya Muratpaşa Municipality